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About Our Clinic

At the Vikaara Klinik®, the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Hebert Lamblet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we are attentive to our patients’ needs and do our best to achieve excellent surgical results. Patients seeking plastic surgery to enhance their appearances can be assured that we will provide them with surgical care of the highest quality.

From your first consultation with us through your recovery, our clinicians and staff will put your care and safety first. Which ever one of the many procedures we offer you seek, our practice will make sure that you have a pleasant and satisfying experience while achieving the results you have always desired.

Full-Spectrum Cosmetic Surgery

At the Vikaara Klinik®, Dr Hebert Lamblet offers a wide variety of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that are ideal for enhancing the appearance of the breasts, body, face, and skin. From breast augmentation and breast lift procedures to liposuction and body-contouring treatments, Dr. Lamblet can help you achieve the shapely, attractive figure you desire. Many patients are interested in slowing or reversing the signs of aging; we offer facelift surgery and non-invasive dermal fillers that can help smooth facial contours and restore a youthful appearance to your skin.

Office Location

Our plastic surgery center is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the heart of Ipanema, only 100 meters from Ipanema Beach. Patients who come to the Vikaara Klinik® for plastic surgery can enjoy the many tourist attractions and sights the area has to offer. Nearby attractions include the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, a modern shopping mall (Forum Ipanema), excellent restaurants, fashionable bars, movie theaters, and a charming fair of local artisans.

As for transportation, our office offers accessible parking in lots and on the street, and taxis are easy to catch around the city. With our prime, central location, getting anywhere in the city from the Vikaara Klinik® is simple and quick, taking under 10 minutes to get to Copacabana, 20 minutes to downtown Rio, and 40 minutes to the international airport.

If you have any questions about a plastic surgery procedure or our practice, please do not hesitate to contact our cosmetic surgery office.

Our Staff

We at the Vikaara Klinik®are proud of our knowledgeable and caring team of doctors, nurses, and staff.

* Dr. Hebert Lamblet, plastic surgeon, member of the SBCP, and ASAPS
* Dr. Silvia Hirata, plastic surgeon, member of the SBCP
* Dr. Fernanda Machado, nutritionist
* Dr. Gustavo Fonseca, anesthetist
* Dr. Ernani Fonseca, anesthetist
* Dr. Magali Belan, physiotherapist
* Mrs. Raquel Prado, bilingual secretary
* Mrs. Monica Soares, bilingual secretary

Cost of Treatment

The cost of plastic surgery varies by treatment; the length and special circumstances of the procedure must also be taken into consideration. Please contact our office for specific pricing information.

Payment Options

Plastic surgery is typically not covered by health insurance plans. Payment for your treatment can be made with cash or personal check. Contact the Vikaara Klinik® if you would like to find out more about how to pay for cosmetic treatments.

Surgical Facilities

If a patient requires a hospital for his or her procedure, it will be done at Copa D`Or Hospital in nearby Copacabana. We are pleased to work at this hospital, which has safe, modern facilities for your surgery. If you would like to learn more about the Copa D`Or Hospital, please visit their website.

Many procedures do not require more than one night hospital stay, and for those we provide treatment at Barra Clinic, a day hospital in Barra da Tijuca that provides the same comfort, safety, and modern medical facilities as a full-service hospital with a more home feeling environment.

If you are interested in finding out more about the facilities where we perform plastic surgery, please contact our helpful staff at our Rio de Janeiro office.

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For Our Traveling Patients

Many patients from all over the world seek treatment from Dr. Lamblet, who is a skilled and well-known plastic surgeon. For those coming to us for plastic surgery from outside of Rio de Janeiro or Brazil, we have provided some information about the area to make your visit easy, enjoyable, and comfortable.

Where to Stay

Vikaara Klinik®  is located in a prime tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro, which offers our patients from out of the area numerous hotels for their stays. With accommodations available for any budget or taste, from the modest to the luxurious, you will be sure to find a suitable place to stay.

Visitors from Outside of Brazil

Plastic surgeon Hebert Lamblet has the privilege of treating patients from many countries around the world, including European countries and the United States. Even if you live abroad, we are happy to help you with your visit to Rio de Janeiro via e-mail.

Contact Us

Please contact Vikaara Klinik® for information about having plastic surgery with Dr. Hebert Lamblet at his Rio de Janeiro, Brazil practice. A member of our staff can also help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Lamblet. During this consultation, you and Dr. Lamblet will discuss your cosmetic concerns and the most appropriate surgical plan to help you achieve outstanding aesthetic improvement.