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Contact the medical professionals at the Vikaara Klinik® by filling in the form below and submitting your information. Our supportive staff is qualified to answer any questions that you may have about cosmetic surgery or planning your trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dr. Hebert Lamblet and the Vikaara Klinik® staff are steadfast in their commitment to provide exquisite cosmetic surgery results and personalized, thorough care. Dr. Lamblet offers state-of-the-art procedures such as endoscopic breast augmentation and vertical breast lift that result in shorter recovery periods and minimal scarring. He also offers facelift, liposuction, fat grafting, and other cosmetic surgery procedures to individuals from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and around the world. Whether you desire a youthful, refreshed appearance or a smooth, beautifully-contoured physique, Dr. Lamblet and the Vikaara Klinik® staff can help you look your absolute best. Please contact our practice today.

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